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Editorial Judiith Zimmermann

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Learning & Teaching Fair 2024. Please join us in exploring the dynamic field of educational innovation at ETH Zurich. The event showcases 42 exciting and pioneering teaching projects that address important topics shaping the future of teaching and learning at ETH Zurich.

The programme includes a wide range of initiatives, including the very topical issue of AI in teaching and learning and the promotion of computational competencies. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, these projects offer valuable insights into how innovation can enrich the learning experience. Increasing importance is being placed on sustainability, emphasising our commitment to promoting responsible global citizenship.

But that’s not all. The exhibition also highlights projects that challenge conventional perceptions, utilise digital tools, and promote a culture of feedback and peer review. These endeavours not only improve learning outcomes, but also encourage critical thinking and collaboration among our students.

At ETH Zurich, we are aware of the changing demands on university education – in providing students with the skills they need for a successful professional life. We aim for a high-level and holistic university education that makes no compromise on subject-specific competencies while integrating important computational skills and personal as well as social competencies.

At the “Unit of Teaching and Learning” (UTL), we are dedicated to supporting you as lecturers. Whether you need teaching resources, expert advice, or an inspiring community, UTL staff is here to assist you. For us, our unit’s acronym also stands for “UTiLity”, as we strive to be a valuable resource to you and your teaching.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Learning & Teaching Fair 2024!

Warm regards,

Judith Zimmermann, Head of UTL