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The Unit for Teaching and Learning - Strategy, Development and Support

Unit for Teaching and Learning (UTL) is a new administrative department created from the merger of Educational Development and Technology (LET) and the Strategic Initiatives (SI) from the Rector’s staff. UTL is committed to promoting sustainable teaching, strategic educational development, supporting faculty members in high-quality and diverse teaching and creating extracurricular programmes for students.

Our Vision
“We are passionately committed to excellent teaching, its strategic orientation and innovative further development”.

Our Mission
«We are a recognised powerhouse for teaching at ETH Zurich.»

Judit Zimmermann Head of UTL



PB Labs

PBLabs (Project-​Based Labs) is a strategic initiative of the Rectorate. We enable project-​based education (PBE) to empower our graduates as they navigate a world of change and tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Project-​based education (PBE) is an educational approach that uses project work to foster subject-​specific and transferable competencies, as well as independent learning. Students are given a real-​world challenge and split into teams, which may be guided by coaches. Through independent inquiry and research, as well as a variety of inputs (such as lectures and expert visits) teams develop problem statements and solutions that are presented at the end of the course. Under the term «project-​based», we recognise that there are many varieties of projects and many methods that can be applied within projects.

PBLabs website

Florian Rittiner UTL PBLabs Group leader
Emily Elsner UTL PBLabs
Mojca Ramovic UTL PBLabs




New forms and concepts of teaching emerge through the high innovative power of many lecturers and the feedback from students. This development is supported by the teaching specialists at the departments and the group «Innovation UTL» and promoted with suitable instruments and expertise. Embedded in a network of experts, we promote, network and accompany teaching innovation projects at ETH from the idea to successful implementation.

Services and projects:


Andreas Reinhardt UTL Innovation Group leader
Katrin Bentel UTL Innovation
Daniel Flück UTL Innovation
Denise Hofmann UTL Innovation
Julia Kehl UTL Innovation
Marinka Valkering UTL Innovation
Andrijana Mijajlovic UTL Innovation
Daniela Ewason UTL Innovation



Educational Development

UTL offers a range of didactic continuing education programmes for all persons active in teaching at ETH Zurich. From Student Teaching Assistants (“Hilfsassistierende”) to professors, LET has a course programme tailored to your specific needs.

Services and projects:

Claudia Schlienger UTL Educational Development Group leader
Anna Garry UTL Educational Development
Franziska Klarer UTL Educational Development
Karin Brown UTL Educational Development
Marion Lehner UTL Educational Development
Michèle Gemünden UTL Educational Development
Nora Dittmann UTL Educational Development
Pia Scherrer UTL Educational Development
Sarah Shepahard UTL Educational Development
Thomas Czerwionka UTL Educational Development



Curriculum Development

Curriculum development signifies the creation or revision of degree programmes.

Catalysts for curriculum development projects may, for example, be new economic and social qualification requirements and new technology, but they also include feedback from students and lecturers.

Help with curriculum development is available from the Vice-​Rector for Curriculum Development, the Education Legislation team and Unit for Teaching and Learning (UTL).

UTL will assist you through project management, working group leadership, workshop moderation, compiling of degree programme qualification profiles, and degree programme planning tools.

Benno Volk UTL Curriculum Development Group leader
Philip Barth UTL Curriculum Development
Manuel Sudau UTL Curriculum Development
Anna Ekert-Centowska Curriculum Development


Media & Methods Lab

We anchor the systematic exploration and innovative application of emerging media and tech in teaching at ETH Zurich. We collaborate with teachers and researchers from ETH to co-develop innovative media solutions for their teaching needs. Whether it’s concept videos, science animations, introduction comics, infographics or podcasts – our aim is to identify the most effective media for each teaching scenario and blend its didactic advantages with engaging and contemporary design. We strongly believe in the power of a multidisciplinary co-design approach for educational media at ETH Zurich: co-designing audiovisual media implies an interdisciplinary collaboration between experts from the fields of science, teaching, and media. It relies on the willingness of all participants to venture into other, foreign knowledge clusters.

Jeanine Reutemann Media & Methods Lab
Judith Rehmann Media & Methods Lab
Estelle Gattlen Media & Methods Lab
Jane Gebel Media & Methods Lab
Hannes Oehen Media & Methods Lab
Carlo Roman Picaso Media & Methods Lab
Kateryna Makarenko Media & Methods Lab
Alexander De Biasi Media & Methods Lab
Anton Bolfing Media & Methods Lab

STEM Talent Promotion

The joint initiative of ETH Zurich and UBS Switzerland AG aims to promote young STEM talent in Switzerland.

Laurence Kissling STEM Talent Promotion

Student Project House

The freedom to explore, create, test and build your next idea.

The Student Project House is a space built for the thriving creative community within ETH. This is where students (hi!) gather, experiment, test out concepts, supercharge group projects and build tomorrow’s ideas, today.

Find more about us on!

Lucie Rejman Student Project House
Moritz Mussgnug Student Project House
Stefan Hovestadt Student Project House

Computational Competencies

Computerisation becomes increasingly ubiquitous in all subject areas. Computational Competencies aims at strengthening both, subject-​specific computational methods and technologies as well as the use of computational and data-​based modelling in all study programmes at ETH.

Urs Brändle Computational Competencies

ETH Talent and Impact of Education Initiatives

ETH Talent and Impact of Education Initiatives

  • ETH Talent aims to make the fostering of transferable competencies visible and integrated into curricular and extra-​curricular offers at ETH Zurich.
  • Impact of Education aims to assess the impact of ETH’s educational activities on students and graduates and, consequently, on society, the economy, and the environment over time to ensure that high-​quality and relevant education continues to be offered.
Barbara La Cara ETH Talent and Impact of Education Initiatives